Offset Registry

Offsets & Other Market Mechanisms

Offsets and other market mechanisms are important bridging tools used by governments, businesses and individuals to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions given that significantly reducing or avoiding emissions may require a substantial investment of time, money and infrastructure.

C3 began working with market instruments as early as 2002.  Since 2006, C3 has been intimately involved in Alberta’s offset system – the first jurisdiction in North America to enable a regulatory offset market.  C3 has worked with numerous stakeholders to establish relationships and build recognition for our expertise in greenhouse gas offsets and other carbon markets.  As a non-profit climate change and sustainability agency, C3 is able to provide access to unbiased information on carbon markets.              

C3 offers the following services:

  • Offset Registry Development and Administration
  • Protocol Facilitation
  • Carbon Market Support
  • Carbon Market Capacity Building