Energy Efficiency & Alternative Energy

C3 works to reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions through demand-side management (DSM), helping the end user reduce their energy demand through energy efficiency and, more broadly, alternative energy.


C3 is a one-stop shop: we plan, design, deliver programs and most importantly, measure the results.  Across Canada, C3 is available to assist your government’s or business’ energy demand challenges.


Much of our infrastructure, homes, businesses, vehicles, and electricity grid are designed around inexpensive, abundant fossil fuels.  As energy prices and environmental concerns increase, so do opportunities for saving energy.

Many governments and businesses are beginning to examine the unaccounted costs of energy use and take action to reduce its consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. But, multiple barriers prevent citizens and businesses from accessing demand-side management measures that are cost effective and have a positive environmental impact. C3 will help you overcome these barriers to reduce your energy demand.


We take a systems approach to ensure we achieve desired outcomes for any client. We examine your energy challenges and identify the best solutions available to reduce your energy use and achieve the results you need: reduced strain on existing infrastructure, lower costs, and/or fewer greenhouse gas emissions for your CSR reporting.

C3 is a trusted climate change and sustainability agency operating as a non-profit social enterprise. As a third-party delivery agent, C3 offers reduced conflict of interest, low cost, independence, adaptability and the ability to act as a one-stop shop for demand-side management programs.  We have been providing top-quality climate change mitigation services to government and business partners for over 13 years.  We can take your organization through the planning process from start to finish or assist you with a particular stage depending upon your current needs.


One of the cheapest ways to address energy use is through energy efficiency. It’s a proven tool in lowering energy bills, improving competitiveness, creating new jobs, seeding new businesses, boosting technological innovation, and improving environmental performance.

Alternative and renewable energy can also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and is an option that may suit your specific energy needs.

C3’s planning process helps your government or business identify the most appropriate approach to reducing your energy demand.