Conservation Potential Review

About the Conservation Potential Review

The CPR is a comprehensive economic analysis of potential energy conservation within Alberta’s residential, commercial, and institutional buildings to 2015 and beyond. It was undertaken to provide quantitative data to policy-makers to decide whether to increase investment in energy efficiency in the province, how much investment is needed, and where to target policies, including energy efficiency program planning and design.

The publication of the CPR summary follows the issuance in December 2011 of C3′s Energy Use Survey results, which indicated that Alberta residents are keen to become more energy efficient at home. Respondents said that while upfront costs of some energy-saving measures are a significant barrier, they would be willing to pay more than they do now to fund additional provincial energy efficiency programs to remove these barriers. More households supported paying towards additional energy efficiency programs through their provincial taxes or via a dedicated surcharge on utility bills, rather than through increases in utility rates.