About Us

C3 is a full-service climate change and sustainability agency based in Alberta. Combining innovative, evidence-based thinking, pragmatic solutions, and an extensive network of relationships, C3 plans, designs, implements and measures climate change and sustainability programs to meet government and business goals; and has been doing so for more than a decade. C3 is built upon the enduring values of integrity, honesty and the belief that real solutions to climate change are found in measurable change, tonne by tonne.


We’ve come a long way from our quiet start in 2000 when the Government of Alberta created an independent, not-for-profit known as Climate Change Central to address the most compelling environmental issue of our time. We became known for the careful design and delivery of programs – whether proving the business case for hybrid taxis in the province, to testing renewable diesel performance in cold weather. Over 13 years, we’ve encouraged more than 200,000 energy efficiency upgrades in Alberta homes, increased the fuel efficiency of the commercial trucking industry through aerodynamic and idle-reducing technology, installed solar power on 20 municipal buildings across the province…and we’re only just getting started!

We are now financially independent from the Government of Alberta and operate as a social enterprise, but maintain our not-for-profit status under our new branding, C3. Our clients are governments and businesses across Canada wanting to increase sustainability, reduce greenhouse gases and improve their bottom line. As such, our clients become our partners in working towards mutually beneficial goals.

We believe climate change is a symptom of an unsustainable society. We know there is a better alternative to how our society uses energy and we work to achieve that vision through high-quality research, program design, delivery, evaluation and most importantly, measurable change.

If your government, business or organization is ready to create change, it’s worth a conversation with C3.